Course curriculum

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Choose your Start date
  • 3

    The split of Mind, Body and Spirit

    • Introduction
    • The development of modern medicine
    • The rise of psychotherapy
    • Spirituality over the years
  • 4

    What is Reiki?

    • Introduction
    • Qualities of Reiki
    • Reiki energy is osmotic
    • Reiki energy is all-encompassing
    • Reiki is automatic
    • Reiki is complementary
    • Reiki is universal and limitless
    • How Reiki works
  • 5

    Accessing Reiki through Attunements

    • Introduction
    • Explaining Reiki attunements
  • 6

    Why We Need Healing

    • What do we mean by ‘healing’ ?
    • Bringing our system back into balance
    • Why are we getting so stressed?
    • Taking response-ability
    • Flicking the switch
    • What's our choice?
  • 7

    Reiki and Levels of Healing

    • Effectiveness of Reiki
  • 8

    Topical and First Aid Reiki

    • Reiki and Physical Healing
    • Sensations of Reiki
    • Reiki for First Aid
    • Tips when using Reiki for first aid
    • Opening Reiki Doors for Others
    • Treating injuries with Reiki
  • 9

    The Chakra System

    • Introduction
    • Base Chakra
    • Sacral Chakra
    • Solar Plexus Chakra
    • Heart Chakra
    • Throat Chakra
    • Third Eye Chakra
    • Crown Chakra
    • Summary
    • The Chakra system
  • 10

    Chakra Balancing Treatment

    • Introduction
    • Chakra position tips
    • Chakra balancing treatment and meditations
    • Chakra treatment explained
  • 11

    How Reiki teaching focus has evolved

    • Introduction
    • Usui, Hayashi, Takata
    • Usui’s Five Principles
    • Understanding the 5 Principles
  • 12

    Using Reiki for True Healing

    • Introduction
    • The Iceberg Concept
    • An ‘Iceberg’ case study
    • Transcending suffering
    • Reconnecting with Ourselves
    • Making Changes
    • Taking care of our Thinking
    • Optimising Reiki
    • Reiki improvements
  • 13

    Using Meditation to Know Ourselves

    • Power of Meditation
  • 14

    Reiki Self-Treatment

    • The 12 basic positions
    • Treatment tips
    • Unexpected Responses to Reiki self-treatments
    • Meditation Benefits
    • Top 3 Meditation Myths
    • Self-Reiki
  • 15

    Treating others using the 12 basic positions

    • Tips when treating others
    • A Typical Treatment
    • Some common responses to a Reiki Treatment
    • Getting permission
    • Protecting yourself
    • Treatment tips
    • Treating others
  • 16

    Reiki Results and Cautions

    • Medications/ Surgery Tips
    • Explaining the healing curve
    • Treatment timing
    • Energy exchange
  • 17

    Scanning and Intuitive Healing

    • Introduction
    • Scanning
  • 18

    Other General Uses of Reiki

    • Treating children
    • Treating animals
    • Treating plants
    • General uses summary
  • 19

    Reiki Levels of Training

    • The benefits of higher level training
    • Reiki Level Two
    • Reiki Level Three/Master
  • 20


    • Homework Feedback
  • 21


    • Recommended reading

Happy Students

Kristine, South Korea

I love the videos!

Kristine, South Korea

I think this class was a wonderful way to immerse in studying Reiki. It's a great way to receive attunements, especially for students like me who are limited with options due to geographical and cultural location. Elaine, thank you for offering this course, it has truly enriched my life!
Saman, Vietnam

Very good and clear

Saman, Vietnam

I really felt that this was an excellent experience. I am glad that I followed this program and start feeling the differences
Durga, Singapore

I really enjoyed the class :)

Durga, Singapore

It means a lot that you were always there to answer any questions that I've had. I am also grateful for the continued support after the classes are over. It is one thing to have a teacher and another thing to have a mentor and you are definitely a mentor! Your responses were always enthusiastic and it made me feel like no questions is too small to ask.
Warrick, USA

I really enjoyed the guided meditations.

Warrick, USA

The whole Reiki experience has been incredible. I have noticed improvements in calmness, peacefulness and overall awareness of everything.